A new Lara Coft without Angelina Jolie, can it be?

Posted on January 10, 2011


By: Saravanan Sugumaran

3D visual of Lara Croft and Angelina Jolie

Tomb Raider, the movie that became synonymous with the rise of Angelina Jolie’s stardom is to be rebooted for a third big screen outing in 2013 but is reportedly looking for a younger replacement.

Oscar award winning director and producer Graham King, acclaimed for his work in ‘The Departed’ has just acquired the rights to the movie franchise. In a recent press release, King sparked speculations on the casting for Julie’s famous role by claiming that” we will be looking for a young Lara Coft to show the beginning aspects of the story,”

Angelina Jolie who famously declared that she “would never need therapy because of the therapeutic value of the roles she picked” took on the role of the videogame vixen Lara Coft in 2001 and again in 2003 cementing her place as a Hollywood action heroine. The Tomb Raider movies raked in a combined box office profits of $US432 million dollars and ranked number one at the box offices despite disparaging reviews from her critics and the media.

Jolie had initially expressed disinterest when asked to star in the first movie of the Tomb Raider squeal but decided to go ahead with filming because she was “extremely intrigued with the training regime for the required role.”

She was required to learn a British accent and undergo extensive martial arts training and was eventually praised for her efforts and her buffed physical fitness. Slant Magazine even went on to comment, “Angelina Jolie was born to play Lara Croft” launching her global reputation.

The actress who majored in Film studies from New York University had always taken acting very seriously. “Acting is not pretending or lying, it is finding a side of you that is the character,” were her famous words during an interview. She made her screen debut alongside her father, prominent actor Jon Voight at the tender age of seven and eventually enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute at the age of eleven.

Although, she dropped out after two years and wanted to become a funeral director, Jolie always saw herself as an actress. “I always used to enjoy watching movies with my mum and we watched it regularly” said Jolie who attributed her mother, and not her father for the inspiration for her to become an actress.

Despite having problems with her father, Jolie never let that affect her career, starting out as a model before proceeding on to theatre work and television shows. She received a Golden Globe and an Emmy nomination for her work but eventually got her big movie break in 1999 when she won a leading role in the crime thriller ‘The Bone Collector’ alongside Denzel Washington.

There was no looking back ever since. She has picked up an Academy Award for her award winning performance in Girl Interrupted and also for her outstanding performance in ‘Changeling.’

Despite coming under criticism for frequent public declaration of passion during her time with her ex husband Billy Bob Thornton, Angelina Jolie has since focused on doing humanitarian work to help poor suffering people and is also a mother of six.

The actress who was voted as the UK’s ‘greatest sex symbol of all time’ had publicly declared in 2004 that she did not “feel like she needed to do another Lara Croft movie” simply because she was “happy with the last one.” She has also recently stated, “I am a mom and that’s how I am going to be all my life.”

However, after successful stints in movies like ‘Salt’ and ‘The Tourist’ where she played the role of a government spy, with the latter being directed by Graham King, the paths of Angelina Jolie and Lara Croft might just meet again.

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