Bollywood spice in London

Posted on February 12, 2011


By: Akshata Rao

Picture Courtesy: London Indian Film Festival Official Website

The London Indian Film Festival (LIFF) which will showcase the best of Indian cinema is all set to be launched in London between July 15-20, 2011. LIFF will be focussing on some great independent, off-beat; cutting-edge films that have managed to attract the youth in cities like Mumbai, India. The festival promises to entertain, surprise, and perhaps even shock you! The LIFF will also introduce British audiences to the lesser-known cinematic traditions of India, and an array of powerful productions from Pakistan and Bangladesh.

‘We think of ‘India’ as a state of mind, with its huge spectrum of identities, its admirers, its neighbours and the vast number of people around the world who connect to it, including British Asians. This will be reflected in our heady cocktail of films and events’ says Cary Rajinder Sawhney, Director, London Indian Film Festival on the official website of the event.

The Festival covers a wide range of themes from family dramas, coming-of age tales and twisted urban romance. Other highlights of the festival include movies like City of Gold based on the forgotten history of the mill workers of Bombay portraying poverty and corruption in the capital and Last Chance Mumbai which is a sophisticated multi-strand ensemble piece exploring the connective lives of the city’s inhabitants over a 24-hour period and Road to Sangam, tapping into the Gandhi legacy.

Rajinder Sawhney adds ‘One of the key objectives of the festival is to build and strengthen cultural and commercial bridges between the film industries of Britain and India by encouraging the exchange of ideas and facilitating meetings between film professionals and potential investors.’ He explains, “Apart from just showing great movies, we also aim to help get these films talked about and screened more broadly in cinemas in the UK.”

As many of these movies are influenced by themes from both the East and West LIFF is optimistic that it will help gain interest from a vast genre of movie buffs in London. The renowned Satyajit Ray Foundation has also partnered with LIFF and plans to introduce ‘Ray Short Film Competition’ at the film festival which will give away a £1000 award to the best movie screened.

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