Battle Los Angeles takes Top Spot

Posted on March 16, 2011


By Aarti Jitender

The UK box-office remained sluggish and continued to under-perform this weekend with no film hitting the £2m mark. Only three movies came close, with the newest entrant, Battle: Los Angeles, ranking number 1 and making the biggest hit at £1.79m.

Though the animation film Rango’s slipped to the number two spot with its revenues falling 6% from the previous week, it managed to make over £1.5m. The thriller movie Unknown also made over £1.5m and moved to number three, while rival title, The Adjustment Bureau, fell to the fourth spot with its revenues dipping 35% to £911,863 from the previous week. Making the top five also is the newcomer, Hall Pass, with just about £900,936 in revenues from 407 cinemas.

Another new entry, Fair Game, failed to bring in the big money despite some well-known names like Sean Penn, Naomi Watts and The Bourne Identity’s director Doug Liman being attached to it. The movie slid into the chart at number 9 with just £304,000 from 256 cinemas.

Still continuing to hang on to a position in the Top 10 is The King’s Speech which is in its tenth week of release. The film, which has already made the UK’s top 25 biggest hits list, has made £689,809 this weekend and a little over £43m in the race so far. Disney’s latest venture, Tangled, however fell in its seventh week to number 15, with a meagre £221,526 in revenues this week.

UK Top 10 (up to 13 March)

1. Battle: Los Angeles, £1.79m
2. Rango, £1.54m
3. Unknown, £1.04m
4. The Adjustment Bureau,
5. Hall Pass, £901k
6. The King’s Speech, £690k
7. Paul, £560k
8. Gnomeo & Juliet, £553k
9. Fair Game, £304k
10. West Is West, £248k

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