Secret Cinema – shhhhhh! Tell no one

Posted on March 20, 2011


By: Akshata Rao and Anuradha Mojumdar

Secret audiences at secret locations all set to explore secret worlds…that’s pretty much what Secret Cinema is all about. It is a deliciously clever, theatrical production that culminates in the screening of a film in secret locations around London city. Be it a cult classic loved by all or a one off preview, this monthly event is a unique and exciting way of watching a flick. Showcasing a vast variety of films Secret Cinema London is most popularly known as one of the coolest ways to keep up with the changing world of cinema.

Organised at different locations around London each time, the Secret Cinema screenings promises excitement and vibrancy to film lovers. With elaborately themed locations reflecting the genre of the movie, a film could be screened anywhere from a five star hotel car park to a London graveyard.

An American tourist from the secret cinema troupe says, “I heard about this from someone at my hotel and had no idea what to expect, I think its charm lies in all the secrecy that surrounds it.”

Each month the location is only revealed on the day of the screening to people who have signed up to take part in this event. As they are emailed details of the screening venue, they are also given a clue as to what kind of event it is, and what kind of film to expect. The elaborate dress code is also outlined in the email. Fans assemble with other Secret Cinema enthusiasts at a specified meeting point on the night to being a journey to the secret destination for a night full of fun and cinema.

Inside the venue are elaborate, spectacular settings with dance studios, restaurants, make up rooms and a costume department. “This is the first time I am here, it’s amazing. I am glad I brought my family along. It’s a Sunday treat”, says retired teacher and secret cinema buff, James White.

Secret Cinemagoers can also expect surprise rescores, special guests and live installations thrown into the mix. Making for a vibrant and truly exciting event, this certainly is a very special way of watching films. Every event promises to be as exciting as the former, with special screenings and live performances being conducted all through April and May 2011.

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