Rango is No.1 again

Posted on March 21, 2011


By: Saravanan Sugumaran

Rango Movie Poster (Courtesy of moviedeskback.com)

The ongoing battle between Rango and Battle: Los Angeles saw Rango climb to number one with a weekly earning of £1.05 million.

It was another quiet week at the box offices with a host of new releases that generated poor revenues. ‘Chalet Girl’, ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ and ‘Anuvahood’ generated figures well below the £1million mark. However, they took up positions four, five and seven respectively.

With takings of £678,000, ‘Chalet Girls’ a British teen romantic comedy was the highest new entry. This was the lowest figure for any new entry and another clear reflection of the poor income figures generated for this week in the box offices.

Battle: Los Angeles dropped to second place in its second week at the box office ensuring the three-horse race for top spot stays within its grasp and ‘Unknown’.

Owen Wilson led ‘Hall Pass’ raked in £556,000 to come in sixth place narrowly beating newcomer ‘Anuvahood’. The new comedy, which has delivered the biggest screen average thus far, earned most of its revenue in London cinemas proving that it has a secured audience back home.

The Kings Speech and Gnomeo & Juliet made up the last two places of the box office after 11weeks and 6 weeks in the chart respectively.

UK Top 10 (up to 20th March)

1. Rango, £1.05m (2 weeks in chart. Total: £5.02m)
2. Battle: Los Angeles, £874k (2 weeks in chart. Total: £3.45m)
3. Unknown, £776k (3 weeks in chart. Total: £4.50m)
4. Chalet Girl, £678k (New)
5. The Lincoln Lawyer, £572k (New)
6. Hall Pass, £556k (3 weeks in chart. Total: £1.99m)
7. Anuvahood, £537k (New)
8. The Adjustment Bureau, £532k (3 weeks in chart. Total: £4.10m)
9. The King’s Speech, £350k (11 weeks in chart. Total: £44.01m)
10. Gnomeo & Juliet, £295k (6 weeks in chart. Total: £15.13m)

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